When John started the concept of School of the Kingdom its slogan was, “The School that comes to you”, that is still the heart within the concept, although we will do so differently than first thought as SOTK has been developing over time since that first event.

We have also been asked if will it be available online, at this point the answer is no, and that is because simply doing online courses there is a lack of relationship building with the teacher and the students, this relationship is so important to the learning process, and as important as the material being taught, and after all relationship is how the Kingdom of God is built. 

After the first stage of SOTK we will begin stage the second stage which at this time the plan is to video live and to train facilitators to do regional SOTK’s, and then to have the material well established that seasoned teachers, having probably sat through the course a few time as students and facilitators and we know have the same heart or as we call it ‘spiritual’ DNA to teach live thus bringing their own style and personality to SOTK.

SOTK will be functioning as a series of seminars or modules, each module described below, is only really an introduction to the topics under discussion in the module, but it is foundational to understanding the Kingdom of God and how it functions, first in us so that it can function through us it impact the world or to be more correct how it impacts the sphere of influence we live and work in. At this time we have 10 modules that are under development as described below.

The Kingdom of God

Kingdom Warfare

Module I

Module II

We will lay the foundation as to what the Word of God reveals what the Kingdom of God is.

This module will discus the why, when, what, where, & who of the Kingdom.

We will also cover the vital subjects of ‘original intent’ and ‘understanding authority’.

We will show why The Kingdom of God is the foundation to all scripture, it is the Gospel, and any idea of the gospel that does not have the Kingdom at its center is not in reality the gospel at all.

This is normally called “spiritual warfare” and under a normal educational flow we would not do this topic until near the of the course. However we see that it is not only important to build a foundation of a topic, but to then walk as a team in Kingdom warfare. This module will be looking at what is commonly misnamed the Lord’s prayer, when it actually is the model prayer.

The Lord’s prayer can be prayed in a few minutes, but using it as a model with each statement like a relay race, we can take a greater amount of time and expand on each statement as Holy Spirit leads.

We will also look at a very neglected type of prayer called imprecatory prayer, which is although the scriptures in both old and new testaments.  The reason for this subject being the second session is so that at the end of each module we will have communion and praying to see the kingdom concept learned within the module come into reality first in, then through our lives.

Modules III, IV, and V deal with government as God established.

Governing authorities, or as Paul describes them as “powers” in Romans 13 are part of God’s creative design, and therefore are to function as God planned then to do. Another term that is used is “the Kingdoms of this World”, function in the realm called earth, governed under heaven or the Kingdom of God, why? Because the earth is the Lords, and He governs among the nations, therefore there is no authority over a nation except God. Each of these governing authorities are equal in authority with each one having a limited jurisdiction and limited authority within that jurisdiction, so as to enable man to walk in freedom and liberty, as each governing authority raises people up to be self-governing within the Kingdom of God.

Over the many centuries man seeks to remove himself from God’s constraints and then make and enforce new laws that create division, destroy freedom, by enslaving man to ever increasing laws. A major part of the problem is due to the fact that civil government has usurped God’s limited laws, and made itself an impersonal god, making its own ever increasing and confusing laws..

These next three modules are to equip those who attend, a biblical understanding of government so as to enable them to see government return back to its creator, and His Kingdom purposes.

Kingdom & Family Government

Kingdom & Spiritual Government

Kingdom & Civil Government

Module III

Module IV

Module V

The Kingdoms of this world/ governing bodies established by God, have limited authority, and that authority functions on earth, its jurisdictional authority is not given to another governing body.

Each and every nation is to be established in the ways of God under His Kingdom, as there is no authority over any nation other than God.

In this module we are looking at the family, and will discuss topics like; What is Family, Purpose of family, Kingdom Marriage, Honor Father & Mother, 5th commandment, and why it holds the promise of long and fruitful life.

Our final session in this module will be practicing Kingdom warfare over the things learned in the module and partaking of the covenant meal or communion. 

The Kingdoms of this world/ governing bodies established by God, have limited authority, and that authority functions on earth, its juristictional authority is not given to another governing body.

Each and every nation is to be established in the ways of God under His Kingdom, as there is no authority over any nation other than God.

In this module we are looking at the “church” and will discus topics like; what is the Church or Ekklesia, how is it to function, what is the delegated jurisdictional authority that church has been given, who leads the church, etc.

Again our last session will be practicing Kingdom warfare in relation to the topics discussed in this module, with communion.

The Kingdoms of this world/governing bodies established by God, have limited authority, that functions on earth, each with its own jurisdictional authority, that is not given to another governing body.

Each and every nation is to be established in the ways of God under His Kingdom, and there is no authority given over any nation other than God Himself.

In this module we are looking at the Civil” government and its jurisdictional role, and will discuss topics like; What is civil government, what is the authority given to civil government, we will look at the different ‘civil’ government constructs like ‘county, state and federal and their limitations, each having a role in keeping freedom and liberty alive for the people.

As in the previous modules the last session will be for kingdom warfare and communion.

The Kingdom & Covenant

The Kingdom & Education

The Kingdom & Economics

Module IV

Module VII

Module VIII

How Then Should We Live.

In this module we will look at covenant, how it is made and its structure.

We must understand that covenant is How God works, it is made by God, or God’s representatives. Satan does not make covenant as some teachers who teach end-time scenario’s often teach. Neither is covenant a contract, they are two distinctly different types of documents.

We will also look at the concepts of law and grace because a covenant is a legal foundation of how citizens live in covenant together and with our Sovereign King.

Our final session will again be Kingdom warfare over this topic that God’s people will come to a proper understanding of covenant and how we are to live in it, we will also partake of the covenant meal.

A strong education is required so that all citizens of the Kingdom build knowledge and wisdom.

Our intellect is not a creation of Satan, he cannot create all he is able to do is either counterfeit it or have believers fearful of developing our God given minds for His glory and the Kingdom’s advancement.

Dr. Karl Coke stated that there are only two things we can study, 1) the Creator and 2) the creation. To study one without the other leaves one fundamentally flawed in their thinking which will cause them to live a flawed life.

We will also look at who did God give the authority and responsibility to educate our children, and what happens when we ignore His word for the sake of self interest and expediency.

Every Kingdom has an economic base, and none more important than the Kingdom.

We have developed a flawed economic worldview of economics, and like every other concept God created it has been stolen by the world then made into its image. The major problem today is that the Body of Christ has a pagan idea of economics, which is shortage and debt, poverty & death, rather than having an economic understanding that sees each family build for the future generations that have the resources to do their Kingdom assignment.

We will look at financing the Kingdom, financing the future, understanding inheritance and the birthright, tithes offerings and first fruits.

As with all previous modules we will leave the last session to do Kingdom warfare over the realm of economics.

The Kingdom & The Market Place

The Kingdom Justice & Mercy

Where Do We Go From Here!

Module IX

Module X

If we had been alive at the time the New Testament was written we would see how important the market place was in the life of a city or town. It was the center of political thought, the center of commerce as well as the center of organized trade groups who would meet in the city center to discuss issues related to them and their trade. Even some of the biblical terms especially used by Paul go back to the market place.

It has been interesting to see the redevelopment of thought within the body of Christ to see a return to the market place, and the reason why is because everything we do is spiritual. Having taught over the last 30 years of ministry that the anointing is not for a meeting but for life to enable each part of the body to function in their God given Kingdom assignment. It doesn’t matter what one is called to whether it be in civil government, business, economics, arts, sport & entertainment, or communications, the fact is that each carries the anointing to do so, just as much as one who is called to serve equipping the body as one of the 5 fold gifts.

Kingdom Warfare over this topic and the covenant meals is the focus of the last session.

As the saying goes ‘there is no justice in the law’, and the reason why is because justice is based on man made laws, rather than being based on the law of God, and it is ever changing according to the ever changing nature of man made laws.

In our ‘christianized’ worldview we reject Gods laws as irrelevant for a modern society and the more we do so the more uncivilized we become. Has God’s law been abolished? What does Paul mean by ‘we are not under law but under grace’.

It is interesting that we no longer want Gods laws, but rather exchange them for man’s ever growing litany of laws that change with the political wind each time a little of our hard won liberty and freedom vanishes. Is there a better way?

Finally again our last session will be walking together with communion and Kingdom warfare.

Suggested School Structure, Time Table and Costs

We have designed SOTK to function on a Friday night and Saturday’s twice a month, which we understand is a big commitment, but knowing this journey we have taken over the years.

We are convinced that this course will challenge your thinking and change your mind. Each person who is willing to commit this time will never be the same again. As John has said many times “get a taste of the Kingdom and you will be spoiled forever”.


6:30 – 7:30 pm Registration

7:30 – 10:00pm Welcome & Session #1


9:00 – 9:30 am Registration

9:30 – 10:45 Session #2

10:45 – 11:15 Morning Tea break

11:15 – 12:30 Session #3

12:30 – 1:45 Lunch

1:45 – 3:00 Session # 4

3:00 – 3:20 Afternoon Tea break

3:20 – 5:30 Session # 5

Kingdom Warfare & Communion

Each Module has a teaching time of approx. 8 hours each

We are currently looking for input as to fee structure, both for the courses individually and as a whole, our aim is to make it affordable for those who attend. We are also want to provide some sort of scholarships for some who are unable to pay for the full course.

We welcome your input.

Please feel free to send us an email at: with COURSE in subject line.