School of the Kingdom [SOTK] came out of Kingdom Apostolic Network,  the ministry of John D. McDonald. Originally it was set up to be a series of two or three seminars to teach on the Kingdom of God. The thought behind it was ‘The school that comes to you’, we did a couple of these seminars back in 2007-08 however this was limited because of my commitments elsewhere and also the idea of church planting coming back into focus.

The original and continuing focus of S O T K is to lay a strong Kingdom foundation in the lives of those who know our life is supposed to reflect our Lord and King in every sphere of life that we are called to serve in. However it also has a secondary yet equal purpose and that is to plant strong Kingdom Centered bases for God’s people to connect. We commonly call these places ‘churches’, however now having a Kingdom Worldview we will be calling them Kingdom Embassy’s, because church is not a building nor is it a type of meeting, but a community of people who build to expand the Kingdom in all they do.

OTK serve a twofold purpose and these are to teach the Body of Christ as a whole, and also the foundational strategy for Kingdom Living International [KLI] to plant our particular spiritual DNA ‘church’, as well as our church and ministry planting network.

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